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Consciousness Speaks…to whom? And why?

Consciousness doesn’t usually Speak at all, not because It’s not here, but because we are not Listening; we are not open to our Voice of Truth, the same Voice accessible to everyone but utilized by very few. The reason we are closed is because we must be Conscious of Consciousness to Hear It. And there lies the problem. How can a lack of Consciousness be Conscious? By definition, a lack of Consciousness can’t be Conscious.

And so we Listen, directly, or through someone else who is Listening (this blog for instance), for Consciousness is I, your True Identity and my True Identity. It’s the same One – Infinite Love and Life, the One and only Intelligence, Power, Substance and Law of the Universe. When we are Conscious of Consciousness, It Reflects back to us As Its Self – we experience permanent Peace, Prosperity, Health and Security because we, in our True Identity, individually and collectively, are Invulnerable, Indestructible, Unerring.

When we lack Consciousness that this is the Truth about us, we are still I, but because I can’t Reflect Its Self, the lack of Consciousness reflects its self instead. This little “i” is a state of fear that believes it is its body and mind. But this very belief represents its lack of Consciousness and must reflect back to its self as conflict, limitation, disease and insecurity. we believe we are vulnerable, mortal and imperfect because we see it.

In the process of creating this false, self-fulfilling, self-destructive perception of life, we block any possibility of being Conscious of our True Self. Consequently we separate ourselves from our own Good. However, by deactivating i, by Listening to Consciousness, we discover that we were never really separated from our Good. Harmony, Peace and Love is Revealed and becomes our experience.

When we Recognize that we are not i, but I, we raise our Consciousness. This is the purpose of this blog. It will include:

  1. some reasons why we accept i as us,
  2. some reasons why we don’t accept I as Us,
  3. some tools to Recognize the false perception and build a Consciousness of Truth. For example, the use of upper case in Words like “Truth” is deliberate. It is an invitation to Look behind and beyond the obvious meaning that i gives it.

i, Susan Pearson, have no way to prove or convince you of the Truth of these Words. But if you are open, the Truth will resonate with a Feeling of Joy and Rightness. And eventually that Joy and Rightness will Reflect back As everyone’s improved experience.

Comments and questions welcome.

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