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Who am i? And why am i writing this blog?

i, Susan, am a person who has been asking questions that you have probably been asking too, such as “what is the purpose of my life?”, “why am i here?”, “why am i in this body?”, “why was i born in this time and place and not some other time and place?” Even, “what is the origin of the universe?” And “why are humans, who claim to be the most intelligent creatures on earth, also the most troubled and troublesome creatures on earth?” No human seemed to be able to answer these questions, so i asked within myself. Little did i know that i was asking my Self, Consciousness, and that only It has the answers to these questions. Most importantly, only through our mind, can It be Known.

Additionally, if Consciousness is giving the answers, then it’s not me, Susan, writing this blog at all. i am allowing my mind to be used by Consciousness, the same Consciousness accessible to you. In fact, when you read this blog and resonate with it, even in a small way, you are accessing Consciousness too, because It’s all the One Consciousness.

Everyone can access Consciousness through their Mind. By reading this blog and resonating with it, you access Consciousness. It is acting as a conduit, a channel, if you like. Consciousness uses whatever channel you give it.

How do i know, how do you know, that what this blog says is True? It will resonate within you and your experience will improve.

“By their fruits, you shall know them” – Matthew 7:16


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2 thoughts on “About Susan

  1. The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his band of “Orange People” never taught “Transcendental Meditation.”

    That term has been trademarked for many decades (well before 1973) and can only be taught by authorized teachers trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

    Either you were taught by someone misappropriating the name, or you mis-remember the appearance of who taught you, since Maharishi Mahesh Yogi insisted since about 1970 that his corps of TM teachers dress in normal, conservative western clothes when teaching.

    If you DID learn TM, you apparently forgot the fact that the fee you paid in 1974 was for a free lifetime followup program at the nearest TM center (there are several hundred in the USA alone).

    You can find your nearest TM center via the official web-site of the TM organization: http://www.tm.org. They should have your name on file in the national database, assuming your meditation teacher really was a TM teacher, and will be very happy to assist you.

    1. Thank you saijanai for pointing out my mistake. You are quite right. The “orange people” must have been visiting at the same time and I mixed them up. I was taught authentically.
      I will correct my story.
      Many thanks again. Cheers,

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