Why the intellect is not Intelligent.

Humans often confuse the intellect with intelligence.

The “intellect” is the faculty of thinking; believing, analysing, conceptualizing and understanding. Although important, it is limited to what is already existing. we sense and then we think.

By contrast, “Intelligence” is the capacity for thinking; an expansion that extends into Infinity. Intelligence is “Creative” and comes prior to sensing because it produces what we sense and then think about with our intellect. Watch your intellect question this, reasoning that there is no proof.

But the intellect can’t prove Cause from the position of the result. Therefore, the intellect cannot be Intelligent.

Luckily You are not the intellect.

You are Intelligence Itself!


5 thoughts on “Why the intellect is not Intelligent.

  1. Interesting observations Susan. May I ask you, do you believe that there is a doer or thinker or spontaneous thought creation? Is there anyone controlling anything or are we simply awareness or observers of experience of which we have no control?

    1. It seems to me that if we say intelligence is the creative aspect followed by thinking, we are saying that thinking is purely a reactive process with no creative function. In other words, intelligence is beyond any doer or thinker which would seem to mean that there is no spontaneity or creative power at the physical level, huh? Or am I missing something here?

      1. And i forgot to mention, as the physical level is Intelligence appearing, of itself it cannot have any creative power.
        Thanks for your comment. X

    2. The way i see it is that there is only one Creative Principle which is our True Identity. It is the Source of Thought or Infinite Consciousness. We are That.
      But in our lack of Consciousness our True Self is hidden. The one that lacks Consciousness is us in our humanity; the thinker/doer. It “creates” the illusion of discords but doesn’t know it.
      So, yes there is a spontaneous creative Thought. It is our own Consciousness when we stop thinking and Listen. “we” just can’t access it while we identify with the intellect/thinker/doer. X

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