Do Flowers fear Life?

Fear not Life

Fear is faith in your antagonist, otherwise why respond?

You cry; “my loss proves fear was justified”

Does fear need justification?

Suspicious eyes, shoulders turned, fear shuns the Life that would dispel it.

Life breathes even while your contrived smiles hide the dread.

Life’s Heart beats in spite of threats; Flowers bloom, Sun shines, Earth rotates.

Fear hopes you won’t find out.

Your response is everything.

Smoke fear out of its hole and Live!



7 thoughts on “Do Flowers fear Life?

  1. I think flowers fear life, and other plants for that matter. Some trees really suffer and fear humans. Tuning into trees their ultimate struggle is with gravity itself is a form of bondage. We share the struggle & survive paradox with all life on earth.

    1. Hi John,
      Interesting thought. Though I wonder if that is us projecting our fears onto the plant and seeing them reflected back. What do you think?

      1. I think both, you see we are all subject to some aspects of a shared reality different variations of awareness consciousness etc….. however i do sense this is not the original broadcast a kind of cheap replica of something better, whether it be us or the trees is still the same vibe.

      2. My Thought is that We in our True Identity (not as a variation) are that original broadcast as you put it. Consciousness and in our lack of Consciousness we project the lacks that we see. So I think we basically agree. Thanks John. X

  2. Ah yes I agree I refer to this original broadcast as the first generation and that we are the first but reside in the second and we are subjected to wrapped, misled or confused by the third. lol a little out there even for the open minded I admit.

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