ego verses Ego. What is the difference?

The Humiliation of Emperor Valerian by Shapur,...
The Humiliation of Emperor Valerian by Shapur, King of Persia by Hans Holbein the Younger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was pondering the promised strategies for effective meditation, and realized there needs to be some further Consciousness around the “ego”. Because without that foundation, the ego will thwart your meditation efforts. So, haha, i guess this is the first strategy for effective meditation….

The definition of “ego” varies enormously throughout philosophical and psychological literature. To add to the confusion, there is an Ego with a capital “E” which seems to pop its head up in Spiritual texts.

So, what is the difference? The one with which we normally identify is the ego, but the Truth is, You, We are the Ego. Let’s examine some differences:

  • There is only One Ego, I. Infinite, Eternal and Immortal. On the other hand, There are around 7 billion egos, all competing for their share of what they believe to be a finite, time-poor, dying universe.
  • When we start the sentence with “I”, in thought or speech, we are referring to the ego.  i says, “i want this food”, “i need that car”, “i want this success”, “i need this holiday”. It’s motivation is to “get” because it believes it doesn’t have enough. Wanting and needing are the mother of envy and jealousy, maturing into corruption and greed. By contrast, I Is the Source of Thought and can only be Heard or Discerned. When the ego generates thought, that isn’t Truth. So when “you” think or speak, be aware that you limit yourself.
  •  i has endless opinions about everything, derived from a sense of lack. i says,”i hate that politician”, “i despise that celebrity”. i is always right and the other ego over there is wrong. Bigotry, prejudice, xenophobia, injustice and inequity follow. On the other hand, I Is neutral.
  • i is afraid of not getting what it wants and needs, or losing what it has. Ultimately it is afraid of death. “i fear that illness”, “i’m afraid of snakes” “i’m anxious about that exam”, “i fear old age”. I cannot fear if I am already All.
  • i blames others for its flaws, failures and vices, but claims credit for any talents, successes or virtues, a recipe for failure. I cannot succeed or fail. I just Is.
  • i’s motto is “it’s all about me”. it craves attention and praise. Fame is its goal. Humiliation is its fear. I Is Oneness, so there’s no need to pump Its Self up or put others down.
  • i’s modus operandi is self-preservation. It will manipulate, cheat, steal or even kill to save its self, its ideology or its nation. i gets away with murder whereas I can’t kill or be killed because there Is only One Ego.

The Ego transcends the ego and is in fact our True Self, diametrically opposed to the limited and lacking ego with a small “e”. The Ego Is the One Universal Consciousness individualized as each one of Us. Its nature is Love. You know it as the Still, Small Voice, Your inner Voice. But we can only Hear it, if we are quiet enough. Remember, don’t speak or think because you just encourage the ego.

If we are silent and patient we can discern the Love of our Ego. It reassures us that we will be alright. Can you imagine Love needing or wanting for anything? Can Love be hateful or afraid? Does Love draw attention to its Self? Or leave others out? Does Love kill or die? If we answered “No” to these questions, we begin to realize the ego is not us. Love Is All there Is and We are that! Only that!

ego verses Ego. There’s really no competition. With which one do you identify?

5 thoughts on “ego verses Ego. What is the difference?

  1. Id like to share the viewpoint, that indeed , the i is more a consequence of the limitation of the mental, and the belief that:
    – (the perception of the world by the mental ) equal (the reality)

    i.e. the ego is not the enemy , just a limited tool.

    Once realized the limitations, what was hidden can be seen.

    I explain as a “story”:

    we , human , “know” the world ( and ourselves, bodily part) , thru the mental.
    the mental is part of the mind, ( itself part of the Mind), and the mental like many things in this world has limitations. it build “theories” about the world , and share them with other “individuals”.
    the mental keep on learning new options.

    ( more options than just lizard or mammal : as a contrast, in the three brains theory, the “reptilian brain” has just there options, flee, fight, freeze) .mammal add emotions, and human rationalize on top . so far, measures give 95% of behavior is no based on conscious, i.e. rational = 5%.)

    when the “individual” realise what he IS, ( or at least , at the beginning ,that he is not just a body mind), *he is still left with the limitations of “his” mental*

    the mental will gently evolved with new concepts, new constructs to face the new understanding, and this will add new options.

    As time goes by, the options based on belief of lack will be less used, and the options based on Global Awareness be more used.
    Possibly, new options will permeate the mind, coming from this opening to the Mind.

    1. Thank you for your comment luc. I like your point of view. It is very interesting.i agree that the ego is not an enemy. We don’t need to fight an illusion. And for this reason, the ego can never evolve into Spirit. It must be dropped.
      Best wishes,

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