The ego, not necessary but inevitable.

As humans, there is something that we have missed that has prevented us from experiencing Permanent Health, Prosperity, Security, Justice and Love. Without this something, every effort to attain these conditions is futile and the experience will continue to elude us.

Yet, this something is so fundamental, so simple, so close at hand that you will laugh out loud when you Realize what it is. It Is Consciousness and Consciousness Is You.

However, if you are unconscious that You are Consciousness, a sense of limitation and lack become your experience. In My last blogpost, I said I would explore the reasons why the ego was inevitable. Well, Man (not gender specific) is the only species that can refer to its self as “I”. i says, “i am strong”, “i am intelligent”, “i am good”. But in thinking this about its self, it became unconscious of its Source. I, Consciousness, wouldn’t say these things about My Self. I Embody these things. But as soon as i quantifies and qualifies its self, it sets its self up for lack of these things. All of a sudden i can be weak, i can be stupid, i can be bad…and the list goes on…i can be sick, i can be poor, i can be injured etc.

Unconsciousness of Our True Identity “causes” all the discords of our life – sickness, poverty, loss, injustice, insecurity etc. Then why haven’t we recognized it before?  Well, the “we” asking that question is human consciousness, the ego, i, and it must be exposed as false for Consciousness to be Realized. Understandably, the ego doesn’t want to be annihilated. Therefore, the few times in history that the Truth has been Revealed, human consciousness has rejected it. The irony is that we are hanging onto an identity that, from the outset, was obsolete. There Is only One Consciousness and You are, I Is, that.

You See, Consciousness Is All there Is. There can’t be anything separate from Consciousness or it wouldn’t be conscious. If You can accept this, then you must agree that there is only One Consciousness and It Is Infinite (It must include everything and everyone). Furthermore, Being Infinite, Consciousness can’t include anything destructive or limited or it wouldn’t be Infinite anymore. If there is no destructive or limiting influence, then Consciousness must Be Abundant and Permanent. Consciousness embodies all your Good: Love, Peace, Health and Security, Abundantly and Permanently. We embody All this!

You See i was inevitable, but never True!

5 thoughts on “The ego, not necessary but inevitable.

  1. Just came across this extract that you wrote a few years back. I have been pondering on the ego for some time. Share your thoughts with me on surrendering the ego in day to day life? I would love to know your intuitive ideas on this.

    1. Hi John.
      I have been writing a book about this very topic for the last 5 years. My blog is throwing some of the thoughts out there. The book should be ready next year.
      In the meantime, surrendering the ego is very difficult because that’s who we identify with. The ego is a state of unconsciousness. You can only surrender it by transcending it. Meditation is the main practice; listening to your True Self. During the day it’s a matter of not reacting to anything with emotion because emotion only perpetuates the thoughts that encourage the ego. Additionally, any sentence thought or said with “I”, “me” or “my” in it is always the ego. This gives you some idea how difficult it is to surrender it.
      But once we start seeing it, we have already stepped out of it somewhat.
      Does that ring True?

      1. yes it does, I think I’ve had those moments, but then thinking those moments doesn’t get me back there. I can see your angle on this when you transcend consciousness is all there is…..keep me posted on the book…sounds good.. and thanks for sharing.

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